Siberian Larch is the unique construction and finishing material. It has high resistance to rotting and destruction. Constructions from the Siberian Larch can serve centuries in the most difficult weather conditions that is especially relevant for the Northern countries with a humid climate.

1. Company

Larch24 is a wood processing company located in Shushenskoye settlement of Krasnoyarks region. We process 4-5 000 m3 of round wood and make 2-2.500 m3 of sawn timber for export.

2. Production

Our main product is larch (Pine, Fir etc) sawn timber for export of radial and mixed cut. Depending on customers’ requirements we apply different sorting standards (Russian 1-3 and 1-4, CE, other specifications). On top of that we also make all kinds of moldings and finished products: round logs, planed boards, decking, cladding, house panels and beams including composites of different wood types like larch with pine and cedar. All the material is derived from sustainable sources, gets registered in the Russian state timber control program and supplied with quarantine and phyto-sanitary certificates.

*The larch from the south of Kasnoyarsk and Tuva regions where the raw material comes from is specifically hard and has pink tint. Those properties are really important for companies involved in the production of window and construction beams as well as in cladding and design works.

3. Delivery

We make wholesale deliveries by rail and trucks within Russia and by multimodal transport (trucks, rail, Ro-Ro, 40HQ) for export.

4. Production Equipment

Our advantage is a big variety of equipment which makes that possible to meet a wide range of customers’ orders in terms of both final products (from round wood to composite slats) and dimensions.

5. Quality

We use circular saw equipment which ensures precision and excellent geometry of the final products. We understand quality demands on the international markets which forces us to install new and modern equipment aside professional maintenance of the older one.

6. Logging Equipment

We have our own logging transport and equipment: skidders, loggers, crawlers with a substantial metal blade, diesel loaders of different capacity, chainsaws of different dimensions, sharpening and pointing tools for chainsaws maintenance and even temporary cabins for housing field workers. Last but not least there is a bridge crane to enable side and top loading of the trucks. All that has its own effect on the quality and logistics.

7. Workshop and Warehouse

We have our own heated workshop of 2700 m2. That’s crucial for nonstop and quality work because the winter temperatures fall below -25-27 °C and can even reach -45-47 °C. The warehouse is a premise of 3500 m2 which protects finished products from rain and direct sunlight but allowing excellence ventilation. We own and not rent both the workshop and warehouse. On top of that there is an open air of about 5 ha for storing round logs.



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